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The Tuatara 1000EFI Gasoline UTV is perfect for both thrilling adventures and demanding work applications with a rugged suspension and versatile utility features.


The Tuatara 1000EFI UTV delivers incredible power and acceleration, while the rugged suspension and all-terrain tires ensure optimal traction and stability. With its versatile utility features, including a spacious cargo bed and robust towing capacity, this UTV is perfect for both thrilling adventures and demanding work applications.

Tuatara’s all steel framed UTVs are built to help you draw the bounty from the land. Whether you are farming, hunting, or taking in the beautiful wilderness, this vehicle is made as a light expedition truck that can take you into the deepest reaches of the rough country.

Front Utility Winch
When your adventures encounter obstacles, pull your vehicle out of trouble. The Tuatara’s front mounted winch lets you quickly and safely return to your journey. With a 2200lb capacity and 100′ of wire rope, this winch is controlled from right inside the driver’s seat.

Rear Dump Bed
Whether you are transporting farm materials like hay, raw materials like gravel, or unloading the spoils of your latest hunting expedition, the lift deck can handle a load up to 1200lbs capacity to make your work easier, faster, & more enjoyable.

Top & Front Racks
We transformed two vehicle regions that are commonly wasted space into valuable assets. This is fitting since farmers and hunters alike will place bags of feed or their gear on the front and roof of the vehicle anyway. Now you can strap it all down and have three times the storage as a comparable off-road vehicle.

4-Wheel Drive
We wanted tires, shocks and 4-Wheel Drive that would drive the Tuatara up a wall. This vehicle is not only armed with the optimal tires for seemingly impossible terrain but is also equipped with front and rear differential locks and 4-Wheel Drive options.

Assembled in America
We have gathered some of the best vehicle components from around the globe and are assembling the final vehicle in Porterville, California. It is also here that we compile our battery systems and integrate the vehicle and battery together with the ZeroNox Battery Management System to dramatically increase range & efficiency.

Additional information
Top Speed

45 mph



Max Torque


Cooling System

Liquid Cooled


Manual (5 Forward)



Engine Model

Chery In-Line, Three Cylinder, Water Cooled, DOHC, 12 Valve

Fuel Capacity

13.21 gallons

Final Drive

2WD or 4WD Selectable Rear & Front Differential Locks

Towing Capacity

2,200 lbs

Winch Capacity

4,500 lbs

Lift Cargo Bed

1,200 lbs

Front Rack Rating

330 lbs

Roof Rack Rating

110 lbs

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

4,700 lbs

Overall Width


Overall Length


Bed Width


Bed Length


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